The GNIOTPOL 2504 system is a completely new quality on the high-volume transport market, protected from 2012 by utility marks with numbers: 69877; 69878; 69879; 69881, issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Including vehicles with the GNIOTPOL 2504 System in the fleet gives a privileged position in obtaining transport orders from manufacturers of materials such as foamed polystyrene, foam, automotive or cans, where the goods are packed on atypical pallets, where the desired size of the internal cargo space is at least 2500 mm.

It is called the "System" because obtaining this internal width is connected with the development of a whole range of components, specially prepared for this standard in such a way as to obtain this internal width through the whole volume body, along its length and height, while maintaining the external dimension of 2550 mm.

The whole structure is developed in all existing variants and options of bodies and combinations, so it allows you to choose a suitable configuration:

  • with a door or a sideboard and a curtain
  • with fixed or retractable roof
  • with the possibility of elevating the roof for loading
  • with a platform

2504 System is built based on our own profiles and components, protected with proprietary designs.

The best recommendation of the quality and reliability of this product is the fact that hundreds of units have already been delivered to the largest carriers on the difficult and demanding German market.


ZP12 2504 for IVECO

A popular volume body for light, but large volume loads.
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ZP16 2504 for LIT

Volume bodies designed for individual customer needs, delivered regularly from 2014.
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ZP28 2504 for KOZARYN

The KOZARYN company has a fleet adapted to each type of order.
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ZP29 2504 for MB DEMO

Ultra-light volume body with a technical weight of 29 tons and the largest volume.
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