In our offer of BDF swap systems there are both swap bodies in the curtain version, as well as trailers and reassemblies for truck chassis.

Swap bodies

We offer two main families of swap bodies. A typical swap body with a total weight of 16 tons is called "STRONG" and a special light aluminum body with a total weight of 7 tons is called "LIGHT".

The STRONG body is made in accordance with EN 284 and is based on a hot-dip galvanized steel frame, the floor is made of waterproof plywood. The front wall and corner poles are made of higher quality steel, thanks to which it was possible to meet cargo securing requirements in accordance with the PN-EN 12642 and EN 283 standards, while maintaining a relatively small body weight.

LIGHT body is a special solution, dedicated to all who want to use the advantages of the swap system in the transport of light loads, the total weight of the LIGHT body has been set at the level of 7 tons. The construction of the LIGHT body is compatible with the bodies described in the EN 284 standard and ensures the safety of the transported load in accordance with PN-EN 12642.

The use of telescopic support feet in both types of body allows them to be set at different heights depending on the height of the vehicle on which they will be transported.

Swap trailers

We offer two main types of swap trailers. The two-axle trailer is dedicated especially for the transport of heavy swap bodies from the STRONG family. The single-axle trailer is intended mainly for the transport of LIGHT bodies or not fully loaded heavy bodies.

Trailers can be made in several variants of height, depending on the required range of height to be supported by the trailer. In the case of the requirement of maximum universality, it is possible to use controllers that allow to extend the height range.

A wide range of available options (starting with the number and position of work lamps, and ending with the remote control of the trailer suspension), allows you to match the trailer to the user's requirements.

As standard, the trailer is equipped with guide rollers that allow it to be easily inserted under the swap body.

Truck chassis reassemblies

The offered trucks reassemblies are developed and adapted to the specific chassis, taking into account the user's requirements.

For the transport of volume bodies, we offer reassemblies consisting of arms bolted to the frame of the vehicle. The structure has been designed in such a way as to minimize the load on the chassis frame sections while performing road maneuvers.

In the case of bodies with higher loading heights, we offer segments mounted on the chassis frame.

As standard, the reassemblies are equipped with guide rollers that make it easier to place the vehicle under the body.

In the case of a large range of required loading heights, we offer reassemblies with additional controllers.


ZP40 BDF dedicated to courier companies

Volume body on a DAF XF chassis, suitable for transporting containers with a length of 7450 mm and 7820 mm.
Embedded thumbnail for ZP40 BDF dedicated to courier companies


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