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Gniotpol is much more than just a workplace

The team creating Gniotpol Trailers is the value on which the pillars of our company are built. We know how important for every employee is the best possible work atmosphere, but also benefits and a sense of professional and personal security. It is these factors that make us spend every day in the company with passion, enjoying well-done tasks. This is the most important!

Support and understanding

We focus on dialogue between employees and management. Thanks to this, we can build better relationships and work more efficiently. We listen to the needs of our entire team and react to them immediately, looking for the best solutions in every situation. We know that the sense of professional security translates into work quality and satisfaction, as well as the result we achieve together.

Improvement and development

Developing professional competences of our employees is key to achieving professional and business goals. Thanks to a jointly planned career path, each team member knows what to expect from training, how they can develop their skills and use them every day.

Flexibility and respect

Mutual understanding and respect for the other person are extremely important at Gniotpol Trailers. We want every employee, regardless of their views, interests or religious beliefs, to feel confident and safe. After all, we have a common goal, and thus, we care for each other's comfort of work.

Recruitment process

Recruitment at Gniotpol Trailers is carried out according to clear and simple rules. We respond to every application and do not leave our candidates in suspense. Even if we don't invite you to an interview, we'll email or call you to let you know about our decision. Recruitment consists of the five stages described below.

Select a position

Apply to one of the ads posted on the site or simply submit your documents to have them included in our candidate database.

Prepare the documents

Each advert contains information about what documents are required in the recruitment process. Have them all ready.

Send your application

Send the prepared documents to us using the form on the page with the job advert.

Wait for a message from us

We respond to every application, and people who we are particularly interested in are invited to an interview.

Join us

Successfully completed recruitment ends with onboarding, during which we present the organization to you.

List of positions

Haven't found an ad for you? Send us your CV and we'll get back to you when recruitment starts.

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